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1) Does your hospital accept worldwide insurance ?

Yes, we do. We normally accept insurance worldwide but the payment varies from one to another, depending on each insurance policy. The coverage will be applied as per the guarantee of payment received from your insurance. Most insurance company require at least ……. working days after receiving completed document to evaluate and proceed. In case the hospital does not receive the guarantee of payment before the date of discharge, the patient shall be asked to pay the medical bill. The hospital shall prepare original invoice and medical report for the patient to reimburse by himself / herself.

2) Does the hospital provide interpreter?

We provide patients with our bilingual and bicultural interpreters who can help our customers to overcome the cross- cultural barrier.

3) Does your hospital provide transportation from the airport to hospital and from hospital to airport?

Yes, patient who will be admitted to our hospital will be provide a pre-arranged free transportation from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International airport to the hotel or direct to our hospital depending on the patient’s schedule with the treating doctor at our hospital. Transportation will be provided on request and should be pre arranged by informing our international patient center in advance before departure from the patient’s home country. Transportation for in-patient is also provided from the hospital back to airport or to hotel.

4) Can I call a doctor to the hotel?

If you have the illness during the hotel stay, you can have the hotel‘s staff called Chaophya Hospital on 02-434-1111 to get more information and to undergo treatment for you. In any case according to the Thai Medical Practice, patients cannot be treated in the hospital by outside clinician expect for the in-house clinicians appointed by the hotel. For cases of serious condition which may need more medical care, the hospital can arrange an ambulance to pick you up from hotel to the hospital.

5) Can your hospital support the patient and the family for a visa application or extension?

Yes, we can assist the patient and the patient’s family for an entry visa to Thailand on request. Our hospital will send a letter to the Royal Thai Embassy in your country to facilitate the application and approval of the entry visa. In some cases if the patient needs to extend their stay in Thailand due to any medical conditions, the hospital will assist the patient by providing a letter from the hospital to the Thai Immigration, requesting the extension of the stay permit in Thailand.

6) Can you arrange some tour or sightseeing program for the family while we are in Thailand?

If the patient or the patient’s family request to arrange or organize a tour or sightseeing program in Bangkok, our international patient center is much obliged to arrange it.

7) Do we need to pay deposit for inpatient treatment? If yes, how much do we need to pay?

For all in-patients, the hospital will ask a deposit 50% of the estimated cost of the treatment program. Patient can pay by cash or credit card.

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